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Abela Online Brings Delicious and Vibrant Cheese Platters in Dubai for You!

Do you fancy a mouth-watering treat of cheesy goodness to end your festive dinner parties, corporate lunches and hi-teas with your friends and colleagues on a perfect note? What is a better way to celebrate than with a delicious, vibrant and well balanced cheese platter online and charcuterie board beautifully put together by our world class team of chefs? Our cheese platters are prepared using the most exotic and flavorful cheeses from around the world, paired up with seasonal fruits, dried and spiced nuts, salty crackers and a variety of condiments to complement your beautiful dinner table.


Our famous cheese boards are the perfect gift to give to your family members, friends and colleagues on special occasions and festivities. We have put in our best to offer an elegant treat to your loved ones with our delicious range of cheese platters Dubai, all of which are available for online deliveries across the UAE.

Treat Your Friends and Family with a Delightful Cheese Board in Dubai

Our expert team of chefs has carefully curated the most beautiful and tempting cheese boards in Dubai using a variety of exotic cheeses. These include Smoked Cheddar, Manchego, Brie and Wensleydale Cranberry and spicy and plain cold cuts. These platters also include our signature condiments and garnishes such as spiced nuts, fresh seasonal (strawberries and grapes) and dried fruits (walnuts and apricots), candied orange peels, homemade jams, honey, olives, cornichons and salty crackers.

You can also customize your cheese platters online according to your preferences and we promise to go the extra mile to deliver the best cheese boards in Dubai at your desired location, pleasantly packaged and artistically crafted with your favorite items.

Choose Your Favorite Cheese Platter Online from Our Extensive Menu

At Abela Online, you will find a variety of cheese platters online in small, medium and large sizes. Whether you want a cute little cheese board Dubai to enjoy all by yourself on a Saturday night or want to share this mouth-watering treat with your friends and family, at Abela Online you will find exactly what you are looking for. We also offer vegetarian cheese platters in Dubai for people who do not enjoy meaty condiments!