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Detox Diets, the Myth and the Fact

During holidays, people are tempted to overindulge in food that they usually avoid during the rest of the year and come back with an extra baggage of body weight. To shed the extra weight and get back into shape, the first thing that comes to mind is DIET. With so many fad diets, we find on the internet, DETOX, a popular buzzword from the media and health tips take center stage in our lifestyle routine. 

Detox diets promise quick weight loss, improved digestion, boosting immunity and many other health claims. These diets may consist of fasting for a short period, consuming only fresh fruits, vegetables and juices or consuming food from one food group.

The Myth:

Detox diets are not based on solid science, and the human body is a well-tuned system that has its in-built mechanisms to detoxify and remove waste and toxins. People often report feeling refreshed and light after detoxing. However, this is more likely due to changes in the habit of eating less, sleeping better and doing more exercise and not the result of the potions intake and food exclusion.

The Fact:  

Restricting food consumption limits energy and important nutrient needed for health and wellbeing. On a positive note, these diets do help us fall into good habits of eating fresh foods and avoiding excessive intakes of high-fat and high sugar foods. However, for optimal health the best approach is a balanced diet products, lean meat, fish, beans and pulses.

The Verdict:

Detox diet might help increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables but it is better to adopt a varied and balanced eating pattern along with active lifestyle.


Contributed by: Mariam M. Saleh, MSc., Registered Dietitian (UK)
                         Corporate Nutrition Manager, Abela & Co. 

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