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Nutrition Facts

How to Achieve Healthy and Sustainable Eating Patterns with a Busy Life Style  

Healthy and balanced eating patterns should not be complicated or time consuming. Busy all day at work, little time is left to prepare a balanced and healthy meal, you can adopt the following techniques to achieve the nutritional balance:  

  • Stack your freezer with frozen vegetables of all sort, i.e.: broccoli, peas and carrots, cauliflower, snap beans or assorted mixes, they can upgrade any protein meal like chicken of fish or beef or even a burger by just dipping in boiling water
  • Invest on ready washed fresh leafy vegetables to increase the nutritional value of any dish, i.e meat or chicken pie, lasagna or pizza. Ready washed vegetables might sound more expensive but think of the reduced waste when cutting and cleaning the produce
  • Frozen meals are of equivalent nutritional value as the ready prepared ones and require zero preparation, and in some cases it might be of higher nutritional value: “Generally, frozen foods retain their vitamins and minerals and there is no change to the carbohydrate, protein or fat content. In some cases, frozen foods have more vitamins and minerals compared to fresh because fresh foods lose vitamins and minerals over time while freezing preserves nutrients.”(American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, April 28, 2020)
  • Snack on fresh fruits and nuts in between meals
  • Do not overlook your dairy products opt for low fat yoghurt or milk
  • Keep active and avoid sedentary habits


Contributed by: Mariam M. Saleh, MSc., Registered Dietitian (UK)
                         Corporate Nutrition Manager, Abela & Co. 

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