Small Cheese Platter

Approx 1.0 Kg
AED 220.00

Whether you're hosting a party, or just want to make a meal extra special, cheese trays are a quality addition to any table. We are delighted to put together a vibrant, balanced, delicious assortment of cheeses, cold cuts and condiments. A lip-smacking gift for family, friends, and colleagues.

Price:Per Tray

Packing:1 Kg Approx. (Serves 2-3 person)

Status:Chilled (Ready to Eat)

Shelf Life:2 days


Brand:Cheese on Board


Cheese: 4 types approx. 500g: Smoked Cheddar, Manchego, Brie, Wensleydale Cranberry.

Cold Cuts:  2 types approx. 100g: Spicy & Plain Cold Cuts (100% Halal).

Condiments: (included in all platters)

Jam, Honey, Olives, Cornichons, Orange Peel (Candied), Fresh Fruits (Grapes & Strawberries)

Dried Fruits (Apricot & Figs), Nuts (Walnuts & Almonds), Salty Crackers.

Some cheeses & ingredients may be substituted with similar types, depending on availability.


CONTAINS NUTS AND GLUTEN. We are unable to accommodate for allergies.

Cooking Instructions

Ready to Eat.

Please keep refrigerated, only bring out before serving.