Warak Enab

50 Pcs
AED 70.00 (exclusive of VAT)

Net quantity

50 Pcs

An all-time favorite across the region, so much so that we decided to have it available all year around. Patiently hand stuffed vine leaves with rice and spiced meat, this delicacy is cooked best with generous pouring of lemon juice.

Price:Per Pack

Packing:50 pcs per Pack

Status:Raw Frozen

Shelf Life:9 months


Brand:Abela & Co Culinary Solutions.


Rice, Minced Beef Meat, Safflower, Salt, White Pepper Powder, Dry Mint, Black Pepper, Beef Fat, Tomato Paste.


Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts and other allergens.

Cooking Instructions

Stovetop: Carefully place them tightly together in a pot. Traditionally place a heavy upside-down plate on top to keep them intact. Add water and lemon juice until fully covered, seasoning and olive oil based on your preference. Bring it to a boil for around 30 mins. Serve it hot.