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Order Your Favorite Frozen Meals Online From Abela and Co. Online

Prepare tasty dishes at home with our frozen ready to eat meals. Freezing food has number of benefits, the first being quality. There are many studies comparing frozen and fresh vegetables where the results found no difference in nutritional content. Freezing is nature’s way of preserving food, and humans have been freezing food for millennia.

Furthermore, all our frozen ready to eat meals have been created by our award-winning team of in-house chefs, with help from our clinical Dietitians and Nutritionists. Once meals are cooked, they are quick frozen to lock all the goodness in.

Other benefits of having ready frozen meals is convenience, flexibility, cost effective and reduce wastage. Cooking new dishes everyday & maintaining a larder full of fresh food to make meals at home takes planning and time. It also requires a lot of trips to the supermarket or local shops especially when you’re a busy person with a lot of things to look after or a college student with a super hectic schedule.
With Abela Online, we deliver our ready to eat meals to you for free with AED 60 minimum spend in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Fill your freezer with delicious dishes ready to enjoy whenever you like. Get the taste of home with our range of homemade International, middle eastern and Asian dishes full of flavors.

Whether you like to enjoy flavourful pastas, such as classic Italian lasagna or mouthwatering mac and cheese during your office lunch breaks or Saturday movie nights or love to devour the tempting Kebbeh, Kafta or Dal makhani with your friends or family at dinner, at Abela Online, you’ll find all the frozen food you wish online to last you weeks. We use the freshest and highest quality food ingredients to cook every frozen food item available on our extensive menu. Moreover, we keep these items frozen until the time of delivery to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality and freshest frozen meals online all across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

31 results